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Sex dating in otho iowa

Police said witnesses saw Harper at Holly Michael's home just hours before the fire started, which is what led them to name him in connection with the case.Doug Utley, assistant chief of the Fort Dodge Police Department, said the victim knew Harper before the crime.Harper's address is listed as 1201 South 19th Street in Fort Dodge.The police are in the process of changing the "attempted murder" charge to murder in the first degree.

At around Sunday morning the fire department was called to the scene.

None of them mentioned the fact that Sessions Harper is a Black male, only two of the articles contained photos of him; none of the articles mentioned the fact that Holly was White, and only one article mentioned her name - and that was after she had died.

All of the articles were published in Iowa, except one which was published in Nebraska and one in Illinois. The politically correct, controlled media does not want people to know that a White woman was sexually assaulted and then left to die in a burning house.

And, had she lived, she would have had to have had both of her arms amputated.

Police have stated that the perpetrator and the victim knew each other.

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Neighbors said that Holly Michael lived at the home with her son and her mother, both of whom were not at home during the rape and arson.

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