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NET page that will handle different Grid View events to provide complete editing functionality.

In the Page_Load event, you simply load your data from the database and bind it with the Grid View control as shown below: For brevity I am not storing connection string in the web.config and also not using any Data Access Component.

This collection only requires the row index no and it will give us the primary key.

Last line of the following code is calling a local method for updating the database and passing all the parameters to this method.

For a while now I’m trying to figure out why my method, triggered by the Grid View.

By default, the field names appear in the grid's column headers, and values are rendered in text labels.

A default format is applied to non-string values and it can be changed.

Description: An exception occurred while processing your request.

Additionally, another exception occurred while executing the custom error page for the first exception.

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In this tutorial we are searching for our Text Box controls txt Product Name and txt Unit Price.