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Why keep using an interface that was designed for hard disk drives?

PCI Express revolutionizes flash storage for tomorrow’s high-speed computing age.

The OCZ RD400 boosts bandwidth and puts your data in the fast lane leaving SATA SSDs in the dust.

The OCZ RD400’s compact M.2 2280 form factor packs in high performance and up to 1024GB of storage capacity, enabling high-end desktop speeds to exist not only in your notebook, but directly on your motherboard without taking up a A new approach to service that mitigates the hassle surrounding support and warranty claims consumers often have to deal with.

Yeah, compared to an old-school mechanical hard drive it is."Unlike Serial Advanced Technology Attachment (SATA) based SSDs utilizing the legacy Advanced Host Controller Interface (AHCI) protocol, NVMe is the first storage protocol designed with SSDs in mind making the RD400 series one of Toshiba’s fastest consumer SSDs to date.Additionally, the RD400’s PCIe Gen3 x4 lane interface shatters the traditional SATA bottleneck by delivering over four times the performance of SATA SSDs.Along with high performance, the OCZ RD400 is designed for mobile, desktop, or workstation applications.* This reflects maximum performance of RD400 512GB compared to VT180 480GB.

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