Rate my dating profile

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Rate my dating profile

Best advice is to get off POF and get out, into the real world. And I mention 2A and major conservatism too (albeit, w/o pics of me w/weapons), and it's not seemed a hinderance to those who have contacted me - even the far-away hot ones.

I've pulled my profile from public view and believe that, as has always happened before, Miss Awesome will come along when I least expect her. I'm not sure pics will have the same reaction, but a chick who's not turned off at all, well .

And don't forget most women in their 20's are pretty lame.

EDIT: I also changed out the main pic for the one of me boarding. From Michigan- sorry dude, that's gonna be a no go unless you are hunting snow cows. I am also independently wealthy, have a wife who was a model, and I have a 12 inch tool. I will tell you that women are beating my door down on that site. In your profile you say ------------------ ------------------ Boring and sort of desperate. Change it to "I'm looking for someone to explore life with" if you want that type of statement in there. There is a bit of mystery and a sense of adventure. Also nerd have a reputation for being social awkward.

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Mechanical smart techie= good Likes gun time with friends in the outdoors = good odd combo of the above evil = not so good also 1/10 no reload, no napkin, no side dish, undercooked, no main dish, no dining table, no fork First off think "marketing yourself" So blurry dark pictures don't cut it. One dating guru referred to it as a the "under look". Not only was it staged but I took the photo myself with a remote because no one else was around.

Girls love first impressions of a guy with a guns who describe himself as an "evil mechanical genius"... I was wrenching on something and looked up with a "what are you doing" look at the camera.

If you have any female friends ask them to help you out. I had a picture of me working on the engine of my truck.

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