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And one Siege fan believes he may have found an Easter Egg which reveals the date for the next major update.

Lessons are taken from Paul’s life and focus on prayer.I suggest you to check out the known issues list to be aware of the latest Dev updates."We have found the Community Bug List and Wish List megathread to be extremely useful to identify some issues as it was very exhaustive, well organised and detailed."So, thanks for your help and we look forward to sharing the next patch, mid-February, which will be addressing most issues that you all have been reporting."Meanwhile, first DLC expansion Operation Black Ice has been released on all platforms.It sees two new operators and a map arrive in the game, while a new Japanese operator has been confirmed to land in autumn.Hit detection failures are more prominent than usual, while a strange bug transforms players into a ghostly floating silhouette which has been dubbed 'Black Jesus'.Reddit users also believe that the following changes – which haven't been announced by Ubisoft – are in effect thanks to Update 2.0:- Sledge hammer now swings much faster- Glaz can now shoot out wooden barricades and shoot out Caste barricades (the latter appears to be a bug more than a feature change)- ACOG tweaks (untested)- Ping maximum range significantly increased- Large reduction in renown for Terrorist Hunt- Headshots no longer seem to be as lethal as they used to be by a wide margin- You can now preview weapon skins full-screen in the shop, not just the operator loadout screen- Bandit shock wire doesn't necessarily destroy drones on contact anymore (seems to depend on amount of exposure)- Front sight post is now visible on all of the various scopes Additionally, players have discovered a glitch involving Defending operator Kapkan which turns his trip-mine laser invisible, and Ubisoft have promised fans on Reddit that they will be looking to fix as many problems as possible in the mid-February patch. We wanted to thank you for being there with us as we begin Season One."We understand the latest update came with its share of issues, but we want you to know that we are aware of them and are working on them.

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Memory verse: Philippians 4:6 “Don’t worry about anything, but pray about everything.