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’, these guys rarely took no for answer when I offered up 'I'm from Camden', following up with ‘no, where are you really from?’ It can get frustrating – and frankly exhausting – when your race becomes your defining feature.#Tinder Problems' while another reveals: 'Tinder tells me I have matches but I only like WOC.

' Or they went with my personal favourite, ‘what are you?' How would I navigate the world of dating apps where asking whether someone is 'D. I wondered how I - as an obvious woman of colour (mixed race to be exact) and a Muslim to boot, would fare.In the wake of terrorist attacks both here and abroad, anti-Muslim sentiment has reached fever pitch.It doesn’t matter that I could beat you at badminton or have a knack for sitting next to the loudest person on the bus - each and every time I’m having what I think is a great conversation with someone, it somehow always switches back to my skin colour.It’s hard not to feel envious of my white BFFs when their conversations can progress much quicker – after all, they’re not trying to convince someone for what feels like 15 minutes straight that you’re not ‘Dubai-istani’ (yes, really...that's a thing apparently).

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that Tinder and the host of copycat apps that have followed it, have revolutionised dating in the digital age.

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