Protestant interracial dating

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Protestant interracial dating

WASPs are extremely selective about whom they allow into their families.One bad marriage can sink a family both financially and socially. So if your surname ends in a vowel or your family has the slightest “pothole” in its reputation, you might wanna consider going with an Italian or one of the other pale skinners because WASPs ain’t hearing you.If he wanted to marry a Black woman, they’d welcome her with open arms.Only hiccup: Since Greg’s line was chosen to carry on the family name, he needs a son. This means, if we don’t have sons, everything goes to Howard’s oldest son, Gregory. I've always loved the WASP look, could never actually snag the WASP.Gregory is a fantastic person and very socially conscience. He unaffected by the BS of it all and extremely down to earth. lol, what you described is ironically very SIMILAR to the Haitian culture (born and raised in Canada, but, my folks as many other diaspora Haitians have been told of how the "system" works). I just turned 30, moved from Montreal to Toronto about 3 months ago on a career promotion (I work for the canadian federal government) and I am currently completing my bachelor's in translation. Gregs' trees go back to the Viking and Anglo-Saxons..he's a double WASP! Now, I'm with a the son of Norweigan and Scottish descendent, mom Scotch side been here for awhile, dad's Norweigan side almost fresh off the boat. It may only be a small change but it's a change nonetheless. Be happy with your man and get out there and snowboard with him. I did know their was a difference between a WASP and an average white man. And he, like his uncle Greg and namesake, loves sistas'! I respect him so much because he just doesn't care, he's not like them...never was and his Grandfather saw that about him. There is a very elite-rich-higher class demography in Haiti! I have to say, i always knew there were different kinds of whites, and, I personally always had an attraction to the European kind (italian, portuguese, etc). God forbid if you mix up nationalities or heritage... I heard that the discrimination within the Hispanic community was pretty rough. WASP may come across stark and reserve however they're some of the biggest freak out there. And he's snowboarding and listening to Wu Tang Clan and Mary J. I've heard of River Oaks but haven't been....which is astonishing because I thought Greg had drug me to ever corner of WASPtopia...guess not. :)River Oaks ain't what it used to be, the money in Houston has broke out to the extended suburbs. I'm too busy loving this hulkin' Viking and yes he's taking me snowboarding. Have gone out on dates with white guys but never anything serious...

Once Greg finished law school and got on with an NYC firm, his Grandfather freaked the family out: He snatched the family keys, along with all the family’s loot and estates, away from Howard, gave them to Greg, and died! Since then, Greg has controlled everyone’s allowances and trust funds, which basically means he can do no wrong.

Luckily, my Greg and Gregory are thick as mud and he has been raised around (charity work) Black/Ethnic people. When I was young I went to an elementary school in the most exclusive neighborhood in Houston, River Oaks, heck no who was non-white could even live in the neighborhood.

That being said, if Greg has to turn over the family keys, they'll be in good hands. What I love about Greg is that he's totally numb to it. I'm single myself, never been married and no children. Kelley, we have to introduce Kink to your blue collar corn fed WASP. My grandmother worked as maid for may have been a WASP family but then again their last name was Mc Ginness and their house was kinda small for rich people. I ended up marrying and divorcing a English-French Canadian. Snagging a WASP is a deadly game: once you catch one your life will never be the same.

The WASP: White Anglo-Saxon Protestant The word WASP conjures images of: Yachting, Martha’s Vineyard, Seersucker, DAR, Pure Breed White Families, Cape Cod, The Mayflower, the Northeastern Educated Elites…in short, the uber-wealthy. They are, in fact, set above the supposed “Whites” because they are pure—descendants of The Mayflower (Greg’s family). Us normal people look at White people and say, “Ok, he's White.” Not so fast!! Just because they look White doesn’t mean they’re White.

WASPs are White—pure British Anglo-Saxon descendants. If you wanna piss off a WASPs simply hint that the Kennedy’s are WASPs.

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The benefit of dating non-WASP is it’s easier for them to understand the oppression (if any) you may have experienced especially in the Northeast.

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