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Problem updating windows live essentials

Recently Microsoft sent an email to all,,, and other Microsoft email account (previously known as Windows Live email account) users about the upcoming changes to the email service which will prevent them from syncing their Microsoft email accounts using (previously known as Windows Live Essentials) package which consists of Windows Live Mail, Messenger, Writer, One Drive, Photo Gallery, Family Safety and other useful programs.

Windows Live Mail uses Microsoft's own Delta Sync protocol to synchronize emails for Outlook, Hotmail, Live, MSN and other Microsoft email accounts.

Although that was a nice initiative by Microsoft to inform the users in advance about the change but it has started giving problems to many Windows Live Mail users.

Actually Microsoft has mentioned in the email that once the Windows Live Mail program stops working for Outlook and other Microsoft email accounts, all users will need to install a new update to fix the issue.

Now select Mail program and click on Install button.

It'll install Windows Live Mail again on your computer.

Now Microsoft has decided to retire Delta Sync protocol and the company is planning to replace it with Exchange Active Sync (EAS) protocol which is also used by Microsoft Outlook program.That's why Windows Live Mail program can't sync emails for Outlook and other Microsoft email accounts as the functionality is currently broken at server side.Actually Microsoft has been upgrading all Outlook and other Microsoft email accounts to a new service called Outlook Mail (Preview) since May 2015.You can check whether your email account has been upgraded to the new Outlook Mail (Preview) service or not by logging into your Outlook email account using any web browser and if you see the new Outlook Mail (Preview) logo at the top-left corner of the webpage that means your account has been successfully upgraded.But if you see only Outlook logo that means your account has not been upgraded yet.

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