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My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, in today's khutbah insha'Allah ta'ala we will talk about the importance of parents and some of the Islamic principles and tips that we as parents need to know when we deal with our children.

We all know, my dear brothers and sisters in Islam, that children are of the greatest blessings of life.

But when Hasan is on his back, crawling, he allows Hasan to play even if this is kind of interfering with salah, but that love that he has for his grandson, it allows him to remain in sajdah longer so that Hasan is not harmed when he stands up.

So he's playing with his grandchildren, and he kisses them, and this Bedouin, he's amazed, he's astonished, and he says, “Do you kiss your children?

Is it my fault that you have no rahmah, that you're boasting that you don't kiss your own children?

And this is a harsh response, this is a verbal slap on the face to this man, but sometimes harshness requires harshness.

And that is why, as I said, it's a natural desire to have children.

And he's swearing by Allah, wallahi, and he's using Allah's name to feel a sense of pride that I'm so detached from my kids. Do I have any control over your attitude, that Allah has snatched away rahmah from your heart?What makes life worth living even for those who don't believe in a God – for us, of course we have the akhirah but even for those who don't have any iman, what makes life sweet? And Allah mentions this as a blessing for us, as a blessing that He has given us.Allah says in the Qur'an, Allah is the One who has given you, He has aided you, He has helped you , He has blessed you with money and with children and that is why having children, this is a natural desire in every human being. Allah says in the Qur'an “It is pleasing to men, it is alluring to men that they desire women and they desire children.” Every single person, and of course the ayah is directed to men that they want women, and of course women as well want husbands, women as well they have the same desire, they want a loving spouse, they want a healthy relationship and they want children as well.Firawn and Aziz, two different people in two different time places, they both did not have children.When Asiya the wife of Firawn sees this child and when the wife of Aziz, when Aziz brings home Yusuf, they both say the exact same thing: “This child, hopefully he will benefit us and we will adopt him as a son, we will take him as a son.” You see, parents, they want children that when they grow older, these children will benefit them.

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And in the Qur'an we have so many stories of those who did not have children and they want to have children, so much so that they will even adopt in order to have a child.

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