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Petrie sequence dating

Petrie already surveyed British prehistoric monuments during his teenage years.His father had corresponded with Piazzi Smyth about his theories of the Great Pyramid and Petrie travelled to Egypt in early 1880 to make an accurate survey of Giza, making him the first to properly investigate how they were constructed.Many of these beautiful pots are on display in the Petrie Museum.The Petrie Museum also holds in its archives his Sequence Dating slips, each of which records the different types of pottery that were found in individual tombs.Written by Alice Stevenson Flinders Petrie was good with numbers.He liked nothing better than to measure, calculate and plan.

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The following year, Flinders Petrie spent cruising the Nile taking photographs as a less subjective record than sketches.

During this time, he also climbed rope ladders at Sehel Island near Aswan to draw and photograph thousands of early Egyptian inscriptions on a cliff face, recording embassies to Nubia, famines and wars.

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