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Although it may seem very easy to join a site and do not reflect the profile or to leave it for a long time without looking to upgrade, it is not very useful to do so.They are created from human victims that are abducted by the Necrons, and bear the "Pariah" Gene that severs the bearer completely from the Warp; effectively making them both soulless and immune to the effects of all psychic abilities.These troops apparently did not meet the requirements or expectations of the Necrons who created them, as they are no longer normally fielded as part of a Necron army.Review your profile based on the feedback you are getting.A Necron Pariah is an experimental cybernetic warrior crafted from a terrible symbiosis of Necron technology and human evolution.

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The Eldar have hinted in the past that the Pariah Gene was deliberately engineered by the Necrons into the ancient primate population of Old Earth millions of Terran years ago in the hope of eventually creating a biological anti-psychic weapon.

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