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This method requires fewer resources and enhances processing performance.Period average balances represent standalone balances for each period, and is the same balance for every day within the same period.Once the setup is done it is important that the consolidation is done in a systematic and consistent manner.This is greatly helped by the Consolidation Workbench and State Controller.You will need to reverse the prior quarter’s QATD average consolidation in the first day of the current quarter before running the current consolidation.

For all other dates within the range, the balances will not be accurate.Consolidate balances when you want the flexibility to transfer account details for only selected accounts.Consolidate summary balances when you only want to transfer aggregated account balances to the consolidated ledger.Well, Oracle E-Business Suite release 12 would help consolidate such accounting information by the use of its Global Consolidation System or GCS feature in Oracle General Ledger.Oracle GCS can consolidate the following financial information: Every Enterprise might have hundred of Subsidiaries which might be consolidating into the Parent.

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After consolidating Jan–01, and before consolidating Feb–01, you will need to reverse the Jan–01 PATD average consolidation journal as of Feb–01.