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As someone who has been as widely publicized for his high sexual activity as he has been for his acting credentials, as much importance has been placed on the disclosure of his illness to his sexual partners and the impact that the diagnosis has had on them, as it has been on Charlie’s diagnosis on himself.

Whether you are in the public eye or not, it can be difficult to cope with news of your diagnosis and, for many people, a big worry is how they should approach telling their past, and future sexual partners about it. Not only will they prevent you from worrying, but your partners have a right to know so that they too can protect themselves and seek the necessary medical advice as quickly as possible.

"When we founded the site, we felt at the time that online dating was a little naïve," he explains.

"It was like, 'this girl is in New York, you're in New York, you're both 25, so you're a match'.

Of course, the big question is this: knowing what he now does, has Rudder become any more cynical about online dating?

While women consistently tend to find similarly aged men attractive the older they get (21-year-old women, for instance like 23-year-old men, while 40-year-old women prefer 38-year-old men), men tend to prefer women in their early 20s, even as they hurtle towards their 50s (a 21-year-old man finds 20 to be the optimum age of attractiveness… In Dataclysm, Rudder writes of this discrepancy: "You could say they're like two ships passing in the night, but that's not quite right.

The men do seem at sea, pulled to some receding horizon.

Your preferences on Ok Cupid tell us what you find sexy - and your reaction to the strangers the site offers up tells us how you judge people.

I mostly found what I (and probably you) have always known: that people are gentle, mean, stupid, lusty, lonely, kind, foolish, shrewd, shallow, and endlessly complex."One of the most immediately intriguing findings from Rudder's data is both men and women's approach to ageing (look away now if you're a woman over 22).

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What we did wasn't necessarily all that more complicated, but it made things more ordered.