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This Operating System Kit Kat, Snickers or whatever is complete shit. Bluetooth cannot even stay connected, once the screen goes black and times out Bluetooth disconnects and you have to unpair the device and then repair it for it to work again. I am more than likely going to sell this device to some dumb person who doesn't know shit that just wants an Android device if it is not fixed in Android 5.02 Lollipop or 5.1.I will also let corporate companies know not to invest in an Android device because of these simple problems that google doesn't show any interest in resolving.Switched recently to Cyanogenmod 12 (Android 5.x.x) and the Gmail app supports multiple accounts and synchronizes with no problems also huge IMAP folders.All in all the 5.x is a major step, phone is much faster and better.Change a message's read/unread status on the server (e.g. Anecdotal reports online seem to indicate that this may be a problem related to imap and possibly specific to SSL, as some people report that disabling SSL is a work-around. t=2748987 I can also reproduce this on my Galaxy Note 3 running AT&T's OTA 4.4.2.It is important to note that I only get this error when "Period to sync Email" is set to "All" or "1 month." If it is set to anything less than 1 month, the read/unread status begins to sync correctly again. A quick google search will show that problem is affecting THOUSANDS of users.Version: 4.4.2 Test device: Galaxy Note 3 (and others) Summary: After a recent OTA update to 4.4.2, stock email app is no longer syncing message read/unread status with the server. This bug causes email to appear as "unread" within the mail app even when it is already marked as read, and also causes the badge over the app icon shows hundreds of unread messages when in fact everything is read. Notice that new email messages are downloaded, but read/unread status is not updated on any messages.All other mail apps (Aqua Mail, Outlook) still correctly sync read/unread status, confirming this is likely a problem specific to Android 4.4.2 and/or the stock mail app rather than a server-side problem. Configure the stock android email app to access a mail account via imap / ssl (in this case, 2. Other details: Both the mail app and the badge show hundreds of unread messages when there are actually no unread messages.

Right now email on my phone is USELESS due to this bug.

I know this is no option for a lot people but I really recommend the upgrade.

Backup your phone and data first, you might have to reset to factory state (format) in advance.

Tried several things, but curiously (1) when I go into the sync settings from the stock email app and select a value for sync period, even the same as currently selected, then back out to the inbox, new mail arrives, but only once, and then stops again; (2) during the tests, the screen dimmed, so I disabled auto-brightness, and suddenly it wouldn't stop trying to sync, although the read status was still in error.

I have just switched from an i Phone 5S to a Sony Xperia Z3 with Android 4.4.4 Kit Kat.

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Without this feature, there is NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN USING POP and IMAP!!!!!!