Not updating table adapter

Posted by / 29-Nov-2016 22:25

Either way, the database you add to your project should be your single source of truth.That is your source database and it belongs in your project with your other source files. you don't want to be cluttering it up with test data. It's the copy that you can mess about with as much as you want while testing, safe in the knowledge that your source database is still nice and clean.I need to instantiate the class myself because there's no instance of the class yet.

Apart from that, if no exception is indeed thrown then the call is succeeding, in which case there are only two possibilities: 1. Since the message box line in the code was always reached it seemed clear that update returned no error.

Singer_Full_Name = "Frank Sinatra" Tanda_database2Data Set. In my understanding the new row should be visible, but I guess that is not how it works. I assumed that I was updating the original database I created with Access.

If I look in the Singer table (data sheet view) however nothing is changed.

I then have the folowing code that's suppose to update the database but the table(s) in the DB never gets updated. Update All(man DS); //This command doesn't update the database, but if I call tab Adapter.users Table Adapter. Connection = db Connection, but it still doesn't work. There are multiple rows in the only datatable in a dataset.

Yeah sure I can do it like this (it's how I got around using the . The last step will be "Submit All Changes" All changes before clicking submit button should be kept in the dataset that I had with the data that I loaded from data base. I think it would involve multiple trips, and to be exact, it will involve as many trips to the database as there are changed rows in dataset's datatable.

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If, after running this sub, I run it again with all lines commented out except the last one, the form also shows a table without the added row. Thanks First of all, how the hell would you know whether it's producing an error or not given that you have an completely empty Catch block?