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In between mingling with guests and taping down starting bids throughout the gallery, Noot managed to catch up with Seventeen: Tell me about tonight's event and why this cause is important to you.

Noot Seear: This is the 9th event I've done and I'm excited about the work featured tonight, especially since it's not all fashion photography. Everyone is great to work with."A Picture Saves a Thousand Lives" raised over 70,000 dollars to help Haiti.

Noot Seear (born October 5, 1983) is a Canadian fashion model and actress of Dutch descent.

She played the role of Heidi in the sequel to the movie Twilight, ' New Moon.' Find Noot Seear news, videos, and pictures here.

Aside from her work as a fundraiser and model, she is designing a line of clothing with good friend and model Erin Wasson, and she has begun an acting career.

Despite her glamorous lifestyle, Noot has always been known for being down-to-earth and ready for any kind of adventure, whether it’s sky-diving, surfing, scuba diving or show jumping.

And OF COURSE you KNOW we’ve got some more of the owl/Moloch/Ba’al too: And a panda bear we see in other music videos (that Kreayshawn “Go Hard” video namely): There are shots and flashes of odd occult things, like crosses, zodiacs (just like in Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body” video), numerology, etc.

Lounging with Blush–Intimates label Blush Lingerie has tapped Noot Seear as the face of its fall-winter 2014 advertising campaign.

They show this same shot several times of the girl with her hand held out by this brass object, what does that mean?

Commenter ‘Jon’ posted up a suggestion that it is a Theremin instrument (which I had never heard of before), and after looking it up I’d have to say that perhaps this is it.

If you have good quality pics of Noot (Renata) Seear, you can add them to Photo-forum.

March issue, Noot Seear looks modern and fresh-faced with minimal makeup and tousled tresses.

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Lucifer was the light-bearer and devil, so the satanic rituals are sure to include the flame throughout: There’s also that classic black and white checkered Freemasonry temple floor in the video too: Like we’ve seen in a slew of other videos in the past year or so (Kesha’s “C’mon“, Miley Cyrus “Decisions“, Kreayshawn’s “Go Hard“, and Lil Wayne’s “My Homies Still” to name a few), there are numerous shots of these pagan animal heads and costumes.

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