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" Emmett glowered at us and muttered several curse words under his breath."How often do you guys do it?

" Rosalie put the question out to the group."Twice a week, wouldn't you say?

Find a way to broach the subject politely so my daughter wouldn't get her nose out of joint. "I don't want you sucking face with Paul."Yeah, that probably wasn't how Bella would have handled it."It was only a dare to kiss him, Dad.""Again.""What? Just a kiss amongst friends." She waved her hands around as she spoke, indicating it wasn't a big deal to her."Funny, Auntie Alice and Auntie Rosalie are my friends and I don't go ramming my tongue down either of their throats.""Don't be silly.

" Charlotte looked confused."You were dared to kiss him again. You're married and so are they." She rolled her eyes yet again as if I was the one being ridiculous."Charlotte." Stern, disapproving father voice."Daddy." Obnoxious, rebelling teenager voice. Charlotte gave up after sixty-five seconds, I know because I was counting. No more kissing Paul.""Thank you." I told her before we headed back outside.

Before Rosalie got pregnant, we were averaging three or four times a week."Rose nodded. Emmett, Jasper, Carlisle and I all had the same notion about the kids. As I approached the house, I could make out some of the conversation and discovered the kids were playing truth or dare.

"This pregnancy has really taken it's toll on me, I'm so tired all the time. A fierce battle of best of three rock, paper, scissors and I was the lucky one who got to go check on them. Their fingers were laced together and a blanket was draped over Adam's arm. I suspected they were too young for anything raunchy, but you never know.

" Alice asked Jasper and he agreed."I'd die," Carlisle said, much to Jasper's displeasure. "A high sex drive must be a Cullen thing."Jasper gave my brother and I the finger and called us assholes."At least I'm an asshole who has a lot of sex," I teased with a laugh.

"If we drop to four times a week, I have to take matters into my own hands. "Thank God Bella and I are on the same libido page. " I addressed Emmett."More than two, less than five.

It was the first time I'd ever been introduced as that after years of hiding behind my pen name. Alice coughed/laughed in disbelief and Jasper's mouth hung open, catching flies."Yeah, right, very funny, Rose. I don't believe it." Stubborn Alice shook her head. Not just any kind of sex - fast, furious, got-to-have-you-right-fucking-now and can't-walk-the-next-day kind of sex. I cleared my throat and put on my "sexy voice", the one I used when talking dirty to Bella in the bedroom.Tradition had us invading the local Italian restaurant year after year.The owner's wife remarked at how grown up the kids were, and smiled at seeing Adam and Leah as a couple. When we got back to the vacation house, the kids called dibs on the hot tub, so the eight adults enjoyed another bonfire. It's always better when you're away."Rosalie snorted.I guess that's what happens when there's sixteen years between pregnancies.""Speaking of sixteen year olds, they are having a lot of fun up there." Bella noted. As I was walking back to the house, I met Adam and Leah on the walkway."Hey! " I asked."We thought we'd join you guys at the fire for a bit," Leah told me in passing."I'm just grabbing something more to drink. I leaned against the side of the house, listening in for a bit. His rendition, which was very good in his smooth, inherited from me voice, elicited giggles from the girls, while Paul called him gay.The giggles and squeals from the kids floated from the hot tub down to the beach. Nicholas was next and he chose truth."Have you ever smoked pot?


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