Mvc 3 ajax redirect instead of updating div dating series youth group

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This is telling the renderer that the div that we created earlier with the partial view in it is what should be updated with the return value from the action called when this form is submitted. You should be able to enter data for a new Product, hit the Add Product button, and the table below should update with the product you just added.

Let me know if you have any issues or if you find an alternative that you believe is better.

Here is the Java Script function: I found this link that showed me how to use “context.get_response().get_object();” to get the Json Object in Java Script.

Now that I can delete, the next logical step would be the ability to add a new Person.

After writing this post, I realized that it is obnoxiously long, and maybe includes a little bit too much hand-holding.

Nevertheless, I decided to post this very detailed step-by-step walkthrough of implementing a simple AJAX form in MVC3 with Razor.

Id and in the Ajax Options I defined a Java Script method that should be called on complete.I moved that into a Partial View (.ascx) by creating a Paritial View in my Views/Shared folder (This blog post is very helpful for showing you how to use Partial Views).I called that Person and that is a strongly typed partial view on my Person List View Model.I started out by creating a Person data model: Next, I added a People folder in my Views folder and created a strongly typed Index View on my Person Index View Model.I started out with building a table and doing a foreach to display each Person object.

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I’ve compiled my result into a new sample MVC Application that I created in Visual Studio that you can download here.

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