Married dating in randall minnesota

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Married dating in randall minnesota

He finally had his interview on October 25, 2016 and got approved to obtain his K1 Visa the same day.He arrived here in the US on November 29, 2016 and we are now preparing for our wedding, which we are hoping to get done by next month, January 2017.

Dealing with immigration can be very intimidating, confusing and expensive but Rapid Visa was there for us every step of the way.I can't thank enough Rapid Visa for helping me out.I came here in 2014 and got married my hubby helped me out with paper work.I think with me standing there next to my fiancee made a huge difference.the interviews not very private and whole waiting room can hear.

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Initially I thought I could handle the visa paperwork on my own but I quickly disabused myself of that notion once i started reading the application.

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