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*** by Joshua Harris originally came out in 1997, when I was ten and Joshua was twenty-three, although I didn’t read it until I was in college.

I’m aware of the fact that a twenty-three-year-old is going to say some laughably naïve things about relationships, and I think that Joshua might be aware of that, too.

But she had kissed other men before her husband, and, she admitted, “I wish I had saved .

(The film is staunchly pro-abstinence when it comes to commas.) Filmmakers Matt Barber and Brittany Machado interview leaders in the movement, critics of it, academics, and—most effectively—normal people who were hurt by it and others who still willingly follow its tenets.

What your boyfriend or girlfriend needs more than a relationship with you is a growing relationship with Jesus.When I was in junior high at an evangelical school in the Midwest, one of my favorite teachers—smart, beautiful, and funny—said something about marriage I have never forgotten.She had “saved herself” for her wedding night, she told the class.“Showing God’s love in my relationships” doesn’t necessarily equal “I don’t kiss my girlfriend,” but that’s an idea that’s going to get lost a lot in the next 200 pages.Like on the next page: “This book tells you how to make your life pleasing to God– even if that means taking a break from dating” (9).

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