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If you want to know more then just click on their picture to see a detailed profile.

A couple of months ago I posted a blog article about dr Helen Fisher‘s theory of four personality types of Builder, Negotiatior, Explorer and Director and how your love-life comes down to your personality type and the chemicals in your brain.

It will then take around two weeks for your Gene Partner ID to be mailed back to you and you can then start using the Gene Partner database. A stickler for promoting ethical practices within the UK dating industry she champions the sites that get it right while highlighting those holding it back.

The company hopes to make the process so smooth in the future that the singles might be able to tote their DNA profiles with them as they flit from one online dating site to the next.

If you guys want to know more about your genetic matches before the British sites add it on their pages, you can always fork out and order a Gene Partner test.

for more detailed searches, and for location based search giving people locally to you, you need to be a full member. the search results screen shows their age and location, and also if they are online now!

One that is expected to be scooped up by various internet dating websites once they get their head around it.

Apparently there has been already at least one dating site that is interested in genetic matching – Sense2plans to include genetic matching already this summer.

A quick way to look for people who meet your requirements.

Your results will be displayed with the most recent visitors to the site first - but you can also select those that are online or those that joined up most recently.

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