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Succeeding the Zengids, the Kurdish Ayyubids established themselves in 1171, first under the leadership of Saladin.

Thereafter he had the strategically located city repaired, provisioned and garrisoned with his best troops.

Similarly, in AD 360, the Sassanid king Shapur II marched into the Roman province Zabdicene, to conquer its chief city, Bezabde, present-day Cizre.

He found it heavily fortified, and guarded by three legions and a large body of Kurdish archers.

In 934 the Daylamite Buyid dynasty was founded, and subsequently conquered most of present-day Iran and Iraq.

During the time of rule of this dynasty, Kurdish chief and ruler, Badr ibn Hasanwaih, established himself as one of the most important emirs of the time.

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The Ayyubid dynasty lasted until 1341 when the Ayyubid sultanate fell to Mongolian invasions.

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