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The entire cast of The Hills, minus the vanquished Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, but including alumni Lauren Conrad and Whitney Port, commemorated the hit MTV series' final episode Tuesday night with one last bash in Hollywood.

So much has changed between The Hills finale and what began as a Laguna Beach spinoff 102 episodes ago.

That they'd become stars themselves, covered by tabloids and it was a new phenomenon. Nice Guy" (Season 3, Episode 11) Lauren goes on a date with a model named Gavin and asks him, "Do you like Sean Kingston? "Onto the Next" (Season 5, Episode 17) Justin Bobby finally ends things with Audrina and viewers' patience for good, because he has "feelings" for Kristin. "Can't Always Get What You Want" (Season 5, Episode 18) Heidi schemes to get pregnant before Spencer can get a vasectomy. Kristin schemes to keep Brody and Justin Bobby circling her. Stephanie's entire job is a comedy of errors — there's no way Kelly Cutrone would have ever hired her flighty ass. In other running away, Heidi calls off the wedding and dramatically flees home to Colorado. Didn't she hang out with some French dude while she was in Paris? Meanwhile, Whitney goes to work for boss everyone loves to hate, Kelly Cutrone. I've truly never seen such an "I will be on this show come hell or high water" situation before, and it's a thing to behold. "Back to New York" (Season 4, Episode 14) We're back in NYC for this backdoor pilot for 65. "An Unexpected Call" (Season 1, Episode 3) Lauren and Heidi hate their responsibilities at their fake jobs.This week on The Hills, Audrina Patridge and Kristin Cavallari continued to feud over Justin-Bobby, while Spencer threw an "adult" birthday bash for Heidi.As always, The Hollywood Gossip editors take a look back at last night's The Hills (as we do for The City) awarding and taking away points as we see fit ...If you're filming a reality show with orchestrated story lines, what do you do when your real life starts to get in the way? "Jason's Birthday" (Season 1, Episode 5) Jason [] ignores Lauren during his birthday party. "Enough Is Enough" (Season 2, Episode 8) Heidi goes to Santa Barbara with Spencer and Lauren is upset she didn't come back when she said she would so they could have dinner. "If you really care, you make the effort," espouses Whitney, human paragraph of exposition. But Kristin, ever the story line generator, is hanging out with Brody now and having shouting matches with Jayde at nightclubs. "Once a Player" (Season 3, Episode 17) Brody and Lauren talk about their non-relationship, which shockingly doesn't become a real one during this episode! "Loves Me Not" (Season 6, Episode 11) This is the penultimate episode of the series, so Heidi and Holly's mom shows up to L. and they talk about Heidi like she's dead since she's no longer on the show. "One Last Chance" (Season 4, Episode 15) Heidi begs for her job back while her sister begs for a couch to sleep on at Lauren's. Showing up for 10 minutes for the cameras is really hard. "Strike One" (Season 5, Episode 13) Kristin is friends with Stacie the Bartender, who has now found her entryway into the show. Meanwhile, some things stay constant — Brody acts like a dick by hanging out with Kristin when it makes his girlfriend uncomfortable, and Justin Bobby, who's sorta dating Kristin, bails on her just like he always did with Audrina.Everything reality television is now, it learned from most manufactured drama this show has ever attempted. Get the fuck out of here, Season 3 levels of "who?! "Old Habits Die Hard" (Season 5, Episode 14) Holly is an alcoholic for one episode and then decides she's going to stop drinking. "Truth and Time Tells All" (Season 3, Episode 3) Lauren is pressed about ANOTHER one of her friend's boyfriends. The Pratt-Montags aren't nearly as fun when they're down and out as they are when they're scheming and destroying people's lives. " (Season 3, Episode 15) For some nonsense reason, Spencer keeps trying to push Heidi to elope. Meanwhile, Lauren tries to find Whitney a boyfriend so she has something to do on the show. "A New Bird" (Season 6, Episode 5) The show is odd without Heidi and Spencer around. "Love Is Not a Maybe Thing" (Season 1, Episode 9) BYE, JORDAN. Of course none of these relationships feel real or as important this time around; it's just sort of dating charades. "Rolling With the Enemy" (Season 3, Episode 5) Spencer breaks up with Brody because he's hanging out with Lauren. "Father of the Bride" (Season 5, Episode 8) The White Tie Affair, a band seemingly created just for this show, has two lead members that flirt with Audrina and Stephanie.

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They took shots at the bar with fellow revelers Brody Jenner and Whitney Port.