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To most people, it’s worth putting in a few extra dollars now in order to reap the rewards of having a beautiful Korean girlfriend or wife later!On-line dating of Korean women is certainly a growth industry and if you want to be successful you need to remember that first impressions count, both in how Korean ladies will see you on your profile but also how you respond and behave in your early exchanges on-line… You can check profiles and find out their favorite number and favorite direction.Traditionally Koreans are superstitious and it is believed that certain things such as your blood type, reveals parts of one’s personality.The fear of the unknown is understandable, but it is also suspicion as security and regulations are not as standardized in Korea as they may be in America or Europe.While many refuse to use apps, more and more of the younger generation are using them and reaping the benefits.

Koreans are more reluctant to open up to dating apps because they fear they will be conned, scammed or even worse.

Unlike most other dating apps, this app is not styled to be cute or romantic.

The intention is very casual as the app aims to connect single people (hence the name being a combination of ‘single’ and ‘people’), by doing things that they are interested in.

Below is a list of 5 of the most popular and interesting apps that could take you one tap closer to your ‘Seoul-mate’.

(NB: It may be difficult to use these apps if you don’t know any Korean.) This app seems to be the most popular social dating app at the moment, with a million downloads and a 4.5 star rating.

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While dating apps do exist in Korea, there is no single Korean app like Tinder that is pioneering the dating movement.

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