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Kelly monaco an val dating

She then released her lips from my dick and showed both I and Amy, her mouth full of cum. I was their slave for the night and for anything they wanted. She nearly came when my strong tongue went straight into her cunt. I had to take a break from my tongue fucking Kaley to yell out “DAMN… Amy was still unsure of what was happening and what Kaley had in mind. I don’t think that she’d ever been with a man before, just a dumb teenage boy who knew nothing about how to make a girl cum. I don’t think that she had EVER sucked a dick before, but after watching Kaley, she caught on pretty quick.

Kaley didn’t stop till I was I was completely drained. I had to taste Kaley’s pussy and looking up at her shaved wet pussy was enough for me to simply stick my tongue out and let her settle down on it. I just didn’t know how or when my chance would come. She was smart, professional, red-headed, and spunky.She was built better than Kaley, but only 15 and seemingly very inexperienced.Amy was pushing Kaley’s head deep into her virgin little pussy, “OOOHHH fuck.. Immediately girls turned toward their pretend closet in shock. “OOOOOHHHH fuck fuck fuck…” was all Kaley could do. Kaley jumped out of bed and opened the closet door the rest of the way. I lubed up my finger with her pussy juice and slipped it into Kaley’s little butt hole. Kaley came and came harder than she had ever came before. I could even feel her orgasm deep inside her asshole. She came a long time until her body limply slumped forward and she collapsed onto her pillow…

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I wanted exactly that, Kaley’s hot mouth full of my big 9 inch dick.

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