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Jonathan keltz partner dating

He plays truant, rides his motorcycle across the schoolyard, and behaves as if nothing matters.Principal Dunnan tries to talk to him but does not get through to him.Lloyd tells Lucas that if he really loves Simone, then he should tell her.Two nights before the prom, Nova, Ali, and Mei are in Nova's room, talking.Unfortunately, they forget to blow out a candle after their departure and it sets the shed and the decorations ablaze.With only three weeks left, Nova is forced to make all new props, but her friends are too busy with other things and can not help her. While Brandon deeply disappoints Nova by not asking her to the prom, she and Jesse grow closer, despite the fact that Jesse finds the idea of prom ridiculous.Meanwhile, Jordan finds an earring in the car of her boyfriend, Tyler but he assures her that he's not cheating.He shows how much he cares for her by taking her on a romantic date inside of the shed with the prom decorations, and asking her to the prom.

The prom is both something to look forward to and a source of worry.As Lloyd gets rejected by another girl, he spots Lucas sitting outside the school, looking dejected.He learns his situation, and tells Lucas his own mistake with girls and high school.Nova confesses to them that she has feelings for Jesse, which her dad unfortunately overhears.The next day, Nova's father tells Jesse he cannot ask Nova to prom, because he is "bringing her down".

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This prompts him to ask Simone to prom, which is the same night as the concert, and she agrees.