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At the same time, Jaqui has to find it in her heart to forgive Tay for walking out on her. he had more sweet and romantic words come out of his mouth that I sometimes forgot that he was a Navy Seal. You waited to see just how this was going to play out and Elle didn’t disappoint me in any way.

Wounded on a mission, his team turns to Jacqui, the woman who had been haunting his dreams and the last person he expected to assist his friends. Jaqui gave her heart and body to Taylor, foolishly thinking he cared as deeply for her as sh A SEAL ON A MISSION…Taylor Rowland spent over a year trying to forget the one woman who was unforgettable.

When he left her without so much as a goodbye, she picked up the pieces and moved on. When Jaqui is sent off in his place to the rainforest of Columbia to help track Jose Medellin, the leader of the Cali de Valle drug cartel wastes no time in abducting the only female on their team. Taylor and the rest of the Phantom Force race against the clock to save Jacqui, knowing the horror awaiting her at the cartels hands. Jaqui and Taylor are an amazing couple that have been thru so many challenges in life.

Taylor may find her in time to mend her body, but it may be too late to mend her broken heart. Just the profession they have chosen puts them in the middle of danger. She was on a mission with the Seals team filling in for one of the guys that was injured. Jaqui was able to escape and send a signal to her location. Jaqui and Taylor have so many hurdles thrown at them but this is just what makes you love them.

Review:4.5 Stars for the SEALSThis book was amazing!! Taylor is so upset when he finds out that Jauqi has not only been sent in his place to Columbia, but has also been captured. Taylor knows that he messed up years ago with Jaqui but has now figured out what his heart has been telling him. What more can you say about a book loaded with HOT SEALS.

Review Copy of Delta Recon provided by Elle Boon/Give Me Books for an honest Review.

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She woke up to him being gone and then him avoiding her but hey life goes on.

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