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He is insecure, and too preoccupied with trying to always have things under his control.At times, the employees may have committed mistakes, yet he pretends to have not seen them and says little of their mistakes.A power-brandishing boss loves wearing the mask of a boss, and believes that bosses are the highest-regarded professionals in the world.He is overtly possessive of his post and always wants to give an impression that he is completely in control of the situation, even when in reality he is not.That doesn’t mean that the sales department had it all hunky-dory; it’s also the sales team members who had to bear the brunt of a boss’s wrath.When things don’t go their way, that’s where you come across the real side of the boss.Read Also: 5 Characteristics “The Employee Of The Century” Has This boss gives you an impression that he has been thrown into a post that he is not fit for.This boss is possibly an employee in the company who had been promoted to be a ‘boss’ without the relevant qualities.

His motto is that with discipline, employees will eventually perform.

You will notice that they are also edgy in their appearance, not just by the way they talk, but also by the way they sit.

Peep inside his office chamber, and you will find that he is always shifting in his seat.

My years of experience working for a financial company have led me to face many types of bosses.

Some were very hard to deal with, but I was fortunate that I had mostly good ones to look after me.

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A high-pitched boss gets satisfaction from watching his subordinates take his nonsense.

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