Interviews with dating relationship experts

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Interviews with dating relationship experts

So, it’s a powerful thing for both a woman and a man when they learn some of the signals and the signs that a guy is feeling disrespected.Like for example, one of the biggest signals for a woman to sort of recognize and see it when it happens is anger.This creates a sense of clarity and ease within the relationship for both parties.People wrongly assume that the age difference will create problems in the future.That is one of the big things that is misunderstood by both sides because what happens is that we’ve developed this cultural idea that respect has to be earned.So, love is supposed to be unconditional, but respect has to be earned.

Decoding the truth means looking beyond the apparent to find the root of the behavior or action. What would you say the single biggest difficulty that men have when it comes to forming successful relationships? Yet, the fear of being hurt is the single biggest issue that faces both men and women who are dating with the intent of gaining partnership. While they may want someone special, they also fear losing their freedom and identity. Please share your thoughts on the subject…” Love comes in a multitude of forms. I’ve researched over 200 couples in long-standing relationships within this format that are happily in love and enjoying a dynamic life together.

Their power isn’t a threat to younger men (as is often the case with older men). Younger men appreciate the fact that older women are up front.

“They know what they want and don’t play games,” is the mantra repeated by the younger men I’ve interviewed.

By Joshua Pompey of Get Real I recently had the opportunity to sit down with author, host, and relationship expert Susan Winter to discuss dating and relationships. Susan, you have a vast amount of experience in the field of relationships. After 5 years of suffering through the intense social discrimination that surrounded our relationship, I wrote .” It became a runaway best seller.

With a resume in the field a mile long, Susan shares some of her greatest insights from working in the field. When did you first realize that this something that you were successful at? I had a show on FNN (now CNBC) when I began dating younger men. I’ve studied psychology, spirituality and human behavior my whole life.

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Things are never as they “appear” to be in life or love. ” As a man, you’re thinking this is the truth of the situation. How many times have you asked your girl, “What’s wrong? The right woman will feel effortless by comparison. Also, I’ll be adding video advice clips to my website and You Tube channel for both men and women.

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