Interracial dating statistics in the u s

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Interracial dating statistics in the u s

Thus the Comte de Montlosier, in exile during the French Revolution, equated class difference in eighteenth-century France with racial difference. The pamphlet was a hoax, concocted by Democrats, to discredit the Republicans by imputing to them what were then radical views that offended against the attitudes of the vast majority of whites, including those who opposed slavery.

Only in November 1864 was the pamphlet exposed as a hoax.

Many black people in Africa today may have the blood of Europeans due to interracial marriages from colonial times.

Many children of such liaisons were not accepted by their White paternal side resulting in them being brought up by their black maternal side and have been absorbed by the black community.

The word is considered offensive by many, and other terms such as "interracial," "interethnic" or "cross-cultural" are more common in contemporary usage., derived from the same Latin root as the English word.

These non-English terms for "race-mixing" are not considered as offensive as "miscegenation", although they have historically been tied to the caste system (Casta) that was established during the colonial era in Spanish-speaking Latin America.

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