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In fact, if even a significant portion of our conversations were about race, I’d be exhausted.We have way more conversations about the things of God or even last week’s episode of The Mindy Kaling project than we have about the experience of Black people versus the experience of White people.While my “Black Card” could probably be revoked on multiple occasions in a single day, I am a Black woman who is definitely aware of the effect my race and gender have on my daily experiences.

Fortunately, my husband and I aren’t having all of these deep conversations about race all of the time.

Of course that led into a discussion about why it’s important for Black people to be properly represented in the media and whether or not the media really shapes people’s perceptions of minorities.

Our take in this discussion was different and I openly chalked it up to the fact that he doesn’t understand because he doesn’t have to understand because everyone he sees on television looks just like him. To be clear, this conversation — as well as others similar in nature — are conversations and not arguments.

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When race is the topic of discussion, we sometimes disagree but he speaks his thoughts and I speak mine without one of us condescending or disregarding the other.

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  1. We talked about everything from work, school, living in New York City, family, friends. I missed him and I wished he were the one across the table. While his roommate sounded like a lot of fun, I’d rather spend time with the other roommates I used to know. I felt beautiful, confident, and ready to take on the world. The heartbreak is still so fresh in my mind, I felt that I needed more time to myself.