Information regarding corporate managed updating

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Information regarding corporate managed updating

By creating a new managed metadata service and specifying a site collection as the content type hub, you can share all content types in the site collection’s content type gallery.The content type information that is shared includes columns, workflow associations, and policies.

In addition to sharing managed metadata, you can also use the managed metadata service to share content types.The cause of this issue is related to the increase in Sig Set file size beyond the 6 MB limit.Sig Set file size can be estimated by the following (for 4.1 version only): This table was computed using Sig Set version (released April 13, 2010) and can be used as a reference to determine your Sig Set size limit.This Sig Set download failure might not impact traffic passing through the Sensor, and it can use the previous signature set as a workaround.As a result of using a previous signature set version, the protection provided by the newer signatures will not be available.

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