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Shiva is a strikingly handsome young Indian man who looks as though he just stepped out of one of the ancient carvings.When he learned that I was an expert on polyamory from the United States, he asked me to have dinner at his restaurant and give him some coaching.To find platonic or celibate friends in your area, just fill in the details below and click on search - for free!For details on how to send messages to each other, and subscription facts, go to costs "[pending moderation]" hi!!He encouraged couples to break out of the confines of traditional marriage and encouraged singles to passionately follow their attractions.Jivana was one of many young Americans and Europeans who spent time at the ashram in its heyday, drawn to the chance to be in the presence of Bhagwan.And she could do the same, but we’ve talked about it, and we want to be honest with each other, to share everything.

Osho was well known for developing spiritual practices that encouraged people to say “yes” to the shadow-and to sexuality.

i'm not very good at these kinds of things but i'm 20 years old, into writing, music, and spending a ridiculous amount of my life on the internet.

i love to talk about literally everything and anything, and one of my main hobbies is laughing ...

Perhaps this society is distantly related to the Gonds people, an indigenous tribal people still living in the forests of central India who are known for their Ghotuls.

The Ghotul is thought to be a very ancient institution where young people are taught everything from crafts to ethics to farming to the arts of love.

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Pairing up is forbidden until adulthood, at which time monogamy is the rule.

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