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And they all poop in the morning, floss their teeth at night, cry when they’re alone, and do whatever else it is that makes us completely and utterly human.

I had quite a few people that I idolized, that I was so intimidated to meet, and then upon meeting and interacting with them shockingly found that not only were some of them not the people I thought they were, they were sometimes even ego driven, rude and judgmental of those around them (including a famed celebrity whose name I won’t mention! It’s all love, we all have our own demons to battle but after enough of these experiences I started to question the values I so quickly assigned to those who intimidated me. But power doesn’t always come with tact or with the gentleness we should all strive to treat one another with.

Having a strong personality means you do not need or seek attention.

You’re happy and secure, and you don’t waste your time begging for others to notice you.

You are a perfect example for delusional personality.

other words your ignorance is your “strength” Reply (Bleh) oh me, I got 4 out of the five. but by reading this article I feel like no more will I hold back of who i truly am. Reply Yes that sums me up pretty close, to old to waste time on things that when knowing or being shown still does not help in correcting the problem, so maybe something else will help or they just have to have a problem to hang on to.

A strong person may have the biggest heart, but his or her rough-around-the-edges elements can be intimidating and cause a bad first impression.

I’d shake and stutter and make myself as small as possible.

You may have insecurities like others, but the difference is that you refuse to let them control your life.

Your will to be happy and to succeed is much stronger. *runs off into the forest and hides in the trees* Reply I always knew I had a strong personality. It sure helped since I spent my career and retired from the military.

You see trivial conversations as a waste of time and they make you uncomfortable.

Small talk doesn’t allow you to truly get to know a person, and it’s too predictable for you. As difficult as it may be, know that there is a time and a place for a light and fun conversation that others enjoy.

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Your strong personality is based on knowledge, many of it being self-taught.

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