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Things go badly wrong when a shot is fired and armed police retaliate, shooting the hostage-taker, even though Harry was certain that the shot hadn’t come from Idris’ gun.Harry, a former army medic, is certain that someone doesn’t want the teenager to be able to communicate with the press, and that the shot that the police heard was a deliberate attempt on someone’s part to bring about a ‘suicide by cop’ scenario.Then came the pseudo-Obama haircut, open-necked shirts and furious hand gestures. All they have done is replace the straight talking of Tony Leon and Zille with sugar-coated sweet talk that has no content. This aggressive wobble into the black vote is going to cost the DA.Barack Obama, his frequent follies in world affairs notwithstanding, is a one of a kind. Already we’re seeing its internal contradictions finding nasty expression.The Reservoir Hills DA supporters have not abandoned the party quietly. He is in the Maimane jelly mould, but without the expensive suits.The ANC has been having a field day rattling the skeletons in Hoosen’s cage.

Hospital registrar and police surgeon Harry Kent is called to attend a difficult situation where a troubled teenager, Idris Solomon, has taken eight people hostage in a fast food shop.

He’s demanding a lawyer and a BBC reporter, but what he gets instead is Harry, sent in to help the obviously ill man, who’s suffering from serious breathing difficulties.

He tells Harry that what he’s doing is for Keisha, because she was killed and, in his words, the police ‘didn’t give a shit’.

Harry’s main contact in the police is DI Frankie Noble, a tough, focussed woman with her own – seemingly obligatory – demons in her past.

In her case, it’s the death of her husband, also a serving police officer.

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You cannot simply pluck an ambitious black man from obscurity, dress him up and think that u Gogo in u Mlazi is going to give him her vote. Its base among whites, coloureds and Indians is not as firm as under the Zille leadership.

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