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Han ji hye dating

Sweet 18 couple Lee Dong-gun and Han Ji Hye broke off their highly publicized relationship of three years last month.

Rumors about their break-up became official news when Han Ji Hye confirmed it during a phone interview and deleted all the lovely dovey pictures of her and her ex, Lee Dong-gun on her cyworld minihompy.

Some people here are a bit disappointed of the latest portrayal of Han Ji Min. Your such an awesome and talented acts Han Ji Min.. Anyone must have loved her even more after watch that drama.

i hope see her in another historical korean drama like yi san finally please don,t use her as negative role this is not match with han ji min characters. i seriously fall in love your drama Lee San wind of the palace.it up! XOXO Mary From australia Please watch her performance in Padam Padam. great chemistry between her and Jung Woo-Sung oppa, interesting plot, and absolutely perfect ending.

Both of you have such excellent and very natural acting skills.

Mocking them because of the wrong choice (we think) they've made is a turn off. You and Yoo Chun looking happiest, most natural and most matching together. Celebrities are just ordinary people who does things because they choose to do it. Han Ji Min is one of my fav actress, she did a great great job in rooftop prince ( i loooooved this drama ❤️❤️) so if you didn't like her in hyde jekyll me she is not the problem!!! Both of your acting skills was excellent and it was so natural and there is a sense of sincerity in your acting, so much so that I want to believe you are actually Park Ha and Yoo Chun, Lee Gak and remain as them. Like many who have said before me, you and Yoo Chun look good together. But instead of blaming someone else's fault just think that life is not all about having all the positive/ good fortune in everything you do. and hopin' she can find a man who truly care and make her happy. I like Han Hi ji Min's acting very much..., plz do such a wonderful acting continued... Park yuchun and Han ji min - superb couples .that roof top prince .. But the most attractive part is the leading couple, that is you and Park Yoo Chun: there is such magical chemistry between the two of you. your movies proved how versatile you are as an actress. A sad love story surely will be an interesting genre suited for these two. he needs to date its been about 4 years he is been single after breaking up with song hye kyo time for him to date (or make family? And come to think of it, we don't have an ounce of right to say to anybody else how desperate he/she is unless she hurt anyone's pride. These are things that none of yours or Yoo Chun's photos with other actors and actresses can match.I really want to see u in the small screen and your choice for coming drama will bring you all the best of fame.. just release everything and immerse your character. if that character is real then make him the most beatiful woman in the world. I like you natural style and your involvement in social work.

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Speculations about their break-up started last week when they avoided questions about marriage plans when they attended Lee Seung Yeon’s wedding on December 27th and escalated when Han Ji Hye did not mention Lee Dong-gun during her thank-you speech on KBS Drama Awards on December 31.

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