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Hagstrom swede dating

Albin Hagström began importing accordions from Germany and Italy in 1925 and founded Firma Albin Hagström.

The early guitars were heavily influenced by the accordion production and had a special look and feel.By recognizing the electric guitar as an instrument in its own right, and not just an amped-up version of the acoustic and by accepting the new repertory, Hagström popularized the instrumental skills of the new music outside of the networks associated with rock clubs, and record shops, and at a time when rock music was barely ever being written about from a musical perspective.Production ended for Swedish-made Hagströms in 1983 as the company were outpriced by other major guitar brands that had moved their stock production lines to Asia.Per-Åke Olsson who participated in the development of the Super Swede founded Amtech which is producing PA systems and light rigs as well as computer equipment.The original AB Albin Hagström company still exists to this day and still owns many of the facilities in Sweden, Norway and Denmark.

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A very small run of lap steels, banjos and mandolins were also built but are rare to come across.

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