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Growing together dating for singles

In her office sits an unobtrusive bowl of stones pulled from a river.

This is more than a decorative item — it’s a teaching tool.

These relationship experts serve clients all over the world.

“One of the foundations of this practice,” the Founder said, “is to make meaningful help affordable and accessible to everyone.” With the online Happiness Class, Dr.

The Short Version: A website with heart, Growing Self offers effective therapy; marriage counseling; love, life, and career coaching; and classes — all to help you grow as a person. Lisa Marie Bobby, pulls together a team of counselors and life coaches who offer singles and couples a pathway toward better relationships, careers, and lives.

On her mission to make therapy more available to everyone, she wrote a book counseling singles through a breakup.

When couples clash during a session, she asks them to hold the rocks in their hands and feel the smoothness that comes from years of bashing against each other in the riverbed.

“The work my husband and I did together back then knocked the rough edges off me.Her passion for strengthening relationships spurred her to continue her schooling, obtain a Ph. in psychology, and eventually become a Board Certified Life Coach. She got into life coaching out of a desire to offer specific guidance to singles and couples.Her counseling technique is to make concrete suggestions that can improve the relationships, careers, and lives of her clients.Whether enduring a breakup or feeling frustrations with your career, there’s a wealth of counseling, coaching, and classes available.“Our online service is convenient, it’s affordable, and we try to make it accessible,” Dr.

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She also hosts The Love, Happiness, and Success Blog Podcast, where she applies her clinical expertise to common relationship struggles with free advice.