Greencard marriage dating

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Greencard marriage dating

How can I confirm that the photos I have been receiving actually belong to the person I am corresponding with?USAGreen Card recommends websites that offer the highest degree of Quality Service and Products.Recently we published "Classification of Scammers" article on this web site. Specifically, immigration laws in many countries allow the immigrant women married to abusive husbands to obtain a divorce while still retaining the right to apply for the citizenship or greencard in the new country.The The Green Card Hunters were mentioned there briefly. This is the most dangerous kind of dating scam that women from Eastern Europe (as well as women from Asia) can potentially use on Western men. Usually, some physical, sexual, or mental abuse has to be proven, so in the absence of actual abuse these women can get creative in fabricating the evidence of abuse.

This scam exploits the extensive protections that most developed countries provide to women.

Whether or not the men can prove their innocence in court, the resulting divorce is usually very hard on them emotionally and financially.

The women usually walks out of the marriage with a green card and a divorce settlement.

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