Gnome 3 battery icon not updating Hot asian cams no sign up

Posted by / 06-Nov-2016 16:01

Gnome 3 battery icon not updating

Here we go: the panel Inherits=Numix-Circle, Numix,gnome,hicolor Example=folder Directories=16x16/status,22x22/status,24x24/status [16x16/status] Size=16 Context=Status Type=Fixed [22x22/status] Size=22 Context=Status Type=Fixed [24x24/status] Size=24 Context=Status Type=Fixed I just checked this with Ubuntu 14.04 LTS/Unity.

Now, normally there is no "big battery" issue with Ubuntu.

This update goes back to #200, which is of interest for those who are currently running elementary OS Luna.

Before: Current: Update concerning elementary OS Luna: I have had a look into Luna (VM), and I have to say that probably the "No-Big-Battery" icon theme will not be of much help with Luna (based on Ubuntu 12.04 LTS).

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I'm not quite sure if this specific issue will be fixed in elementary OS Freya, as I've ran the developer beta and the issue still consists.