Girls with tattooes dating

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[Read: How to get a girl’s attention no matter where you are] #10 They’re artistic.This quality can open you up to SO many other amazing qualities, too.It takes courage to sit in a chair for hours while someone goes to town stabbing you with inked needles knowing the results will last a lifetime. They don’t see a point in lying to you and will come right out and tell you what they’re thinking and feeling.Courageous people make some of the best lovers, because they’ll always do what they have to in order to make themselves happy. Since they have no problem wearing their emotions on their body, they’ll have absolutely no problem telling you how they feel about something. This is really easy for them because they really don’t care what you or anyone else has to think. Passion can be a very powerful thing in a relationship and it can make for the best ones.Given the fact they literally can’t be like anyone else because they’ll never look like anyone else, they’re also different in their personalities and attitudes too.If a girl has tattoos, you can tell right away she’s an individual with her own view on things. These girls don’t give two sh*ts about what the latest fashion trend is because the only fashion they need is permanently sunk into their skin.There is so much more to look at than just their naked body. [Read: Get her to sleep with you – 10 steps to go from ‘hello’ to bed] #6 They’re not afraid to be vulnerable.Obviously, these girls literally showcase their emotions and memories on their sleeve. Girls with tattoos are the absolute best to date because you’ll never have to worry about whether or not they’re ready for the long haul.

I've never personally dealt with this, but I'm curious as to how common it is. Would you ever break up with a girl or not date a girl you REALLY liked because of body art?

Adrenaline junkies are amazing people to date because they’re always pushing the envelope and are down to try just about anything, especially in the bedroom.

[Read: Top 50 kinky ideas that are definitely worth trying at least once in your life] #17 They have some serious guts.

And thank goodness for that because tattooed girls just so happen to be the best to date and here’s why.

[Read: 18 physical turn ons that arouse any guy instantly] #1 They’re not like everyone else.

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They’re not afraid to open up and show you how they feel because their whole body already does that with the art covering it. #8 They feel very strongly about what they believe in.

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