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Special wordings you can use to supposedly improve the chances that a girl will give you her number.

For instance here’s a well-known trick: start to walk away, and then turn back and say, “Hey before I go I should get your number…” Now a technique like this won’t necessarily get you rejected, but it’s just an unnecessary waste of time.

Next you start up email correspondence to build trust and rapport, and then finally you go for her phone number. The purpose of the first email is to get her attention and let her know you are a desirable guy. I’m happy to say that MOST women WILL give you their phone number in three to five emails if you effectively earn their trust. Easy, just be yourself and have a real conversation with her. If you do that, you’ll know when to ask for her number. A quality phone number is a number from a woman who not only trusts you but is INTO you and anxious to meet you.

Now, when is the “right” time to ask for her number? You see, when you’ve been involved with internet dating as long as I have, you start to get a feel for the right time to ask for a woman’s phone number. After all, if you can’t get her attention in the first place then you won’t be able to get anything going at all. But, think back to what happened when this guy tried to meet her in person. In fact, I’m willing to bet that he had a VERY hard time trying to set up a meet with her and if and when he did, she most likely flaked on him. She won’t play games when trying to set up a meet and most importantly, she WON’T flake on you!

Most women are highly attuned to the subtle micro-expressions and other body language cues that you give off.

So if your voice goes up an octave or two when you ask for her number and your face starts sweating she’ll pick up on the fact that you’re afraid.

If I were to ask you why you’re involved in online dating, what would be your answer? Now, there are certain steps that MUST be followed when meeting women online. Some women will be more open and get comfortable with you right away.

You aren’t signed up to an online dating site paying a month to meet pen pals!! You want to get a woman’s phone number and then move things out of the virtual world fast!

It’s a lot more empowering to believe that you can just ask for her number like a man.If you wait too long to ask for girls number it can get awkward when you finally get around to it.For instance, if there is a girl that you’ve seen around a bit and you’ve chatted with her a few times you might fall into the trap of telling yourself “oh, I’ll just ask for her number next time I see her”.If you just walk up to a girl and say, “Yo babe, can I get your number?” She won’t have a good idea of who you are yet, and she won’t really have any reason to give it to you.

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Getting a woman’s phone number is an important step towards dating and/or intimacy.

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