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Germans have trouble with dating

My roomie is also a vegetarian, so I can’t even spy on his eating habits for the purpose of this post.

However, walk around any German city centre, and you’ll find stands selling bratwurst, currywurst, wurst wurst…someone has to be eating them!

While most stereotypes aren’t fully true (how can you say a country of 80 million people are all the same? Germans are very punctual One of my German friends told me that Germans consider it better “to be 30 minutes early, than 5 minutes late,” which I find true.

And while most Germans will blame Bavarians for all their stereotypes, being a Canadian living in Germany, I can’t help but notice some of these stereotypes on a day to day basis (I live in Baden-Württemberg).

If there’s one country that people seem to love stereotyping, it’s Germany. Instead, I find Germans to really want a purpose in everything (perhaps so they can pencil it into their schedules).

Perhaps it’s from the image of Germans that Hollywood movies give, but I always find that people hardly ever give you a neutral response when you mention the word “Germany” or “Germans.” Example 1: Person: Hey, so I’m moving to Iceland. So instead, something like “Hey, let’s meet for coffee on Thursday at exactly 17.27” would be the correct German response.

After a week in Canada, if you don’t have more friends and drinking buddies than fingers, than you’re definitely doing something wrong.Germans love sausages I’ve never actually seen my German friends eat sausages on a regular basis, so I can’t quite confirm this point.Maybe they do but hide the fact when I’m around so I don’t rush to tell all my friends back home that all Germans love sausages, further contributing to this stereotype.However, a lot of Germans seem to refer to their friends in rez as their “classmates,” and their “friends” as their childhood friends from their hometown.Therefore, don’t feel too dejected if Germans aren’t rushing over to become instant besties with you.

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