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Garrett john hedlund dating

Tron 3 is not the only big budget science-fiction Hollywood blockbuster being filmed in Vancouver this year.

Production for Star Trek 3 is scheduled to begin on June 1, which will involve the reconstruction of the Enterprise set within a local movie studio.

“I want a guy to pay for dinner and open the door for me.Now, he’s looking for a more established actor for the other main role, and I’m hearing he is looking hard at Garrett Hedlund.He came on the scene in Tron: Legacy but has grown into a mature actor in such films as Inside Llewyn Davis and most recently the Angelina Jolie-directed Unbroken.X Looks like Ang Lee has found his newcomer for Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk.He’d been trying to make a discovery in the Tri Star Pictures adaptation of the Ben Fountain novel and chose newcomer Joe Alwyn.

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We fell out and had to swim back in mucky, s—-y water, like golf-pond water.” Kirsten and Garrett kept the details of their relationship private for the most part, but both have opened up about each other on a few occasions.