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The Los Angeles / Philippine adventure is documented in a subsequent saga, predictably titled West Coast Slavers Organization - I: A Philippine Adventure. He meets his wife, time passes and Aaron's life becomes grinding, mindless existence until Aaron meets his old friend Steve Austin.

In East Coast Slavers Organization - I: A Caribbean Adventure, Aaron is introduced just as he returns to the United States after a tour in the U. The Caribbean Adventure then kicks off with Aaron setting out on his own to Miami, Florida where he establishes an east coast franchise of his friend's slaving operation.

Synopsis: This tale chronicles the adventures of Aaron Clarke, a budding slaver setting up a franchise operation in Miami, Florida.

Business and adventure literally fall his way as Aaron sets about creating identities, bases of operations, and a client base; all accomplished with the guidance of his partner Steve Austin.

Since marrying the bitch (Veronica in case anyone could ever forget), he worked with his father-in-law.

His job was a combination of sales representative, factory worker, and all around gopher to the domineering old fart. His perfect little jewel – Veronica – was born late in his life and an only child.

My apologies for any confusion caused by the way I screwed up the numbering on the first story I posted from this series.Aaron had been in a failing marriage and stuck in a dead-end job with his overbearing father-in-law.A chance meeting with a friend from his military days, Steve Austin, brought Aaron an offer he couldn't refuse.As he sees it, at least most murder victims probably contributed somehow to their demise; where poor manners victimize people who haven't yet demonstrated that they violate any of Aaron's commandments.Yes this is a twisted view of life; but keep in mind that Aaron Clarke is a kidnapper, a rapist, an executioner, a judge and jury ready to punish with instant retribution, and a slaver.

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