Funny dating questions to ask

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The questions below are designed to help to know yourself deeply and find what is truly important to you.

We all have an unexpressed potential; the exercises are specifically designed to help you find yours.

I’ve been teaching golfers from beginners to touring professionals, collegiate players to accomplished amateurs and our local junior to Hollywood celebrities.

I have taught thousands of lessons and helped all levels of golfers build, grow and improve their game of golf for over 25 years here at Torrey Pines including the full swing, shortgame, putting, course management and the mental side of the game.

By aligning with this you can begin working towards the life that you truly want to create.

Know that you wouldn’t have a desire if you didn’t also have the ability to fulfil it.

Maybe you don’t have to imagine it; maybe your life is just like mine was, few moments of satisfaction drowned out by a constant grind of work that doesn’t fulfill you. This is your path to an extraordinary life.” I followed this wisdom as if my life depended on it.

Self-knowledge is the greatest knowledge that you will ever acquire. Because your ability to fulfill your unique internal drive will determine your ability to fulfill your potential, which in turn determines the quality of your life.Not only did I notice and feel the difference but my golf buddies did also.Have you ever wondered what the banknotes of Jamaica look like? List everything that you would really love to do if you had all the money in the world.Okay, so you would probably travel the world, buy a house or two, and give some money to your family. This question helps you to think without limitations.

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List all of the moments that you are proud of as well as the times that you’ve succeeded. List what you would do throughout the day if you knew that you were bound to be successful, what kind of person you would be, how much money you would earn, and where you would live.

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