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The term applies broadly to Arab-speaking, predominantly Christian, immigrants whose ancestry can be traced to Syria, Palestine, or Lebanon.

It is unknown how many “Lebanese” migrated to Ecuador, but the economic and political influence of their descendants has been much greater than their numbers.

Historical Background The population of what is now Ecuador witnessed considerable disruption between 14.The Inca invaded from Peru during the latter half of the 15 century, and Spanish conquerors arrived in 1534.As a result of the introduction of disease, abuse, and enslavement, more than 70 percent of the indigenous population died by the end of the century.During the 16 centuries, colonial authorities in Quito arranged for the shipment of African slaves, who were put to work in Ibarra, Guayaquil, and the gold mines of modern-day Colombia (Popayán).A smaller number of slaves were imported to Quito, Cuenca, and other urban areas.

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Since the early 1980s, Ecuador has experienced two major waves of emigration, sending 10 percent to 15 percent of Ecuadorians overseas.

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