Error updating locale cisco ip communicator

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Error updating locale cisco ip communicator

Here is a sample dummy SEP(mac address)xml file that I just use to load firmware.

I do this because I use a windows box running TFTP server to upgrade the firmware on these phones.

Still a lot of underlying resentment to what Fonality pulled.

I would suggest running a legitimate version of Free PBX if you want help from this community. I have new Free PBX Distro installed and running (Asterisk 10 ver.). setup with video H264 enabled and verified a 2 way video call with Jitsi softphone. I cant even get my 9971 to register (config i was using successfully). So I tried to register a Cisco 7911 with a good config and that comes up unprovisioned (Status message: Error Verifying Config).

For example for version firmware, the tag would be: sip9971.9-3-2-10 You need the following associated version firmware files in the TFTP directory for the phone to load: dkern9971.100609R2-9-3-2-10.sebnkern9971.9-3-2-10.sebnrootfs9971.9-3-2-10.sebnsboot9971.031610R1-9-3-2-10.sebnsip9971.9-3-2-10.loadsskern9971.022809R2-9-3-2-10By far the largest file is the rootfs file.

Its around 37 Meg, so make sure your TFTP server has adequate block size for the transfer and can handle it.

Selftest video works, but the green light on the camera never comes on during a video call.

The configuration file for a particular phone is created when the phone is added to the Cisco Call Manager database.

If the phone has not been added to the Cisco Call Manager database, the TFTP server generates a CFG File Not Found response.

This is such a ball-ache, would be great too get fixed : Some of these feature policy codes are as you would expect not fully functional, with an asterisk switch, but the hacker community over at JIRA seems to be bringing more and more to life.... I have tidied up the XML code and tag examples in my original post to comply with the strange HTML and BBcode parser on the new forum software.

All my phones had SIP firmware installed from the factory, and to be honest I thought these phones were deliberately SIP-only by design rather than SCCP, so cant really advise on the changeover process unfortunately. Mostly the less-than and greater-than angle brackets which were not being interpreted correctly. The phone has SCCP firmware, the first thing it looks for when the SEP(mac) is not found is XMLDefault.

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Obtain a new copy of the phone firmware and place it in the TFTPPath directory.