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Elizabeth keener dating

You immediately begin discussing a number of important things.

It eventually surfaces, and you step into the massive, vacuumlike entrance. visit above, or if you see her missing cell phone, call her).

The way she melts into roles is less impressive because we have no real sense of how much she's stretching.

Keener may be Hollywood's last character actress, the last anonymous movie star.

She racks her brain for someone she can set you up with, all the while gently holding your arm.

She's always laughing—that hearty, deep Catherine Keener laugh—and you wonder how it's possible that nobody seems to recognize her. She loves the result: the only person in this picture is you. That's incredible, considering we live in the era of nonstop celebrity TMI (and TMZ).

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When she attends red-carpet events, she often won't take a date, or even a wingwoman. "I can duck easier." In a culture that thrives on sharing every detail of our existence, in streams of endless Twitter updates, isn't privacy something of a liability?

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