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Elaine dating keith hernandez

In the end, it's revealed that the spitter was actually Hernandez's teammate, Roger Mc Dowell, who was getting revenge for Newman's spilling beer on him in the bullpen. Their team was still three weeks away from its first spring training game under new manager Jeff Torborg.

Just when it looks like George has succeeded, his boss (Wilhelm) tells Yankees owner George Steinbrenner that he ordered George (Costanza) to misbehave.Unfortunately, Jerry's hopes of watching the game are ruined when Kramer announces his presence for the first time."Boy, the Mets blew it tonight, huh?"The day this episode aired: The Mets didn't blow it. The Mets sandwiched wins by Dwight Gooden and Frank Viola around a Thursday off-day, allowing Seinfeldian Mets fans to get their proper fill of the show. 12, 1992)This is the episode most associated with Jerry and the Mets -- the one featuring former Mets first baseman Keith Hernandez.The relationship breaks up when Elaine sees that Hernandez is a cigarette smoker.The highlight is the mystery surrounding whether Hernandez spit on Kramer and his friend Newman, after the two yelled insults at the Mets first baseman, following another game the Mets blew (based on a game "Seinfeld" creator Larry David and friends attended in 1986).

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